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Terri Burns

With long braids falling across her shoulders, you can often find Burns, the president of Tech@NYU and a CAS senior, tapping away at her computer — though it’s more likely she’s talking to someone else while she’s doing it. Words come easily to her, as if she’s just genuinely excited to have a conversation about anything.
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NYU’s New President Talks the Corporate University, Diversity and the Future

President Andrew Hamilton sat down with WSN on Feb. 4 to discuss his plans for NYU and thoughts on current issues the university faces. As the new president of NYU, Hamilton has been handed a university whose presence is ever growing internationally and whose prestige has steadily risen over the last two decades.
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Shortstop takes the long way home

Jake Smith has put his hardships behind him and is heading back to the field. A lot of kids in Jake Smith’s position probably would have given up by now. Smith, an SPS sophomore, will be the starting shortstop for the NYU baseball team next spring, slotting comfortably into the number three spot in the lineup.
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Burial vault oversight revealed by professor, LS freshmen

Why then, Borum asked, did the DDC move forward with their project, knowing they would disrupt a known burial ground? “They just dug a hole in the middle of our path to the park,” Borum said. “Did they think NYU wasn’t going to pay attention?”. Borum’s 26 students already look at maps, reports and statements in class, but now they are using these methods to dig deeper into the story.
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Samir Goel

After spending an hour in the Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab with Samir Goel, I was getting ready to leave when he turned his attention to me and asked me the same question I had asked him a week earlier: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. I tried to come up with something to say, and stuttered something about how I don’t even know where I want to be tomorrow.
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NYU endowment fails to meet financial needs of poorest students

Online counters track the national debt, but what about the NYU student debt? Department of Education recently released data showing that NYU’s lowest-income students pay among the most for their education compared to similar students at universities across the country. The College Scorecard, published by the Education Department on Saturday, gives access to federal data on the nation’s universities, including how much debt students acquire and how much graduates earn.
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Green House, Tisch Dance Company evacuated during East Village fire

NYU students were evacuated Thursday afternoon from Green House at Seventh Street Residence Hall and the Tisch Dance Company on Second Avenue following a massive explosion and seven-alarm fire on Second Avenue between Seventh Street and St. Marks Place. The fire was reportedly caused by a gas-related explosion in the restaurant Sushi Park at approximately 3:17 p.m. 123 Second Avenue, the building next door that houses the restaurant Pommes Frites, collapsed after the fire spread to an additional three buildings.
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On Barry Zito and growing up

I’ll admit it: Barry Zito’s curveball makes me feel things. It made me feel things when I was six and it still makes me feel things 13 years later. His awkward leg kick is endearing, and I’m certain that the big, looping arc of a pitch defies all properties of space and time. In some ways, the hook feels much like his career — way too drawn out to be effective, and yet you turn away and look back and it’s still hanging there, suspended in the air, just floating along.
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Entrepreneurs Festival draws NYU innovators

This weekend, the Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab hosted the fourth annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, a two-day event meant to inspire students and showcase startups from current NYU students and alumni. The festival, which took place in the Stern School of Business and lasted throughout Friday and Saturday, featured a variety of speakers and gave attendees an opportunity to interact with veterans of the entrepreneurial industry.
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NYU administration reveals more plans to broaden inclusion on campus

The university seems to be taking the issue of diversity more seriously, but some students still think this action is not enough. NYU continues to take steps to increase the inclusion of students of color on campus, with an email sent out over Thanksgiving break announcing more initiatives to widen the talks of diversity on campus.
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